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Quality, safety and environment


TCV is committed to a service rate that is >98%, with a deadlines fulfilment rate >98%.

Internal procedures are set up by our Quality Manager, the purpose of which is to improve organisational processes with the goal being to achieve customer satisfaction.

Audits and assessments of our partner service providers are carried out for each new entrant and then once a year with the signing of the freight contractor’s charter. All our checks are recorded and copies of the documentation are kept in-house.


Ensuring the safety of the goods is done via transport carried out directly without breaking up the loads assigned to known service providers that have signed the freight contractor’s charter, and have been checked and audited.

Traceability of the goods is ensured by having vehicles equipped with geolocation technology. The loading and delivery information is sent automatically via e-mail.

Our connection gateway with the customer enables us to optimise timeframes for passing on information, as well as to avoid input errors, ensure there is a free flow of exchanges, and increase the volume capacities to be taken care of. Disputes are dealt with immediately.


The environment

TCV undertakes to comply with environmental protection requirements by implementing the following initiatives:

  • Reducing CO2 emissions by optimising rounds and limiting the number of kilometres travelled with empty loads.
  • 100% of the drivers are trained regarding environmentally-minded driving.
  • 80% of the vehicles comply with the Euro VI and the Euro V standards, while 20% comply with Euro IV.
  • Dematerialisation: Invoices are sent via e-mail, with electronic archiving.
  • Renewable energy sources are used.


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